Issa Travesty: Travis Scott Tickets Resell As Low As $7 For Utopia Circus Maximus Tour

Amid all the discussions of rap music and its declining sales, another example points to Texas native recording artist Travis Scott and his poor ticket sales.

According to Complex, Scott’s Utopia Circus Maximus Tour, his first set of shows since the tragic Astroworld Festival in 2021, launches Oct. 11 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The tour was reportedly sold out in August through the run of dates. Yet the demand for tickets has gone down to as low as $7 a ticket on the resale market.

StubHub listed several tickets sold in pairs for $7. The regular price of tickets bought from Ticketmaster is listed at $109.50 in a section of comparable value.

The tour, named after Scott’s latest album, Utopia, and his film, Circus Maximus, is scheduled to hit Atlanta, Boston, Las Vegas, and Nashville, and will have its last performance in Toronto on Dec. 29.

Some people took to social media to address the lower prices being offered in some states.

The irony of the tickets being sold at such a discount is that people and/or companies purchased many od them for the sole purpose of reselling them at a higher price point. Now they are taking a loss due to the lack of demand, and are selling the tickets very cheaply to try to soften the loss.

Although the rapper has embarked on continuing his career after the Astroworld tragedy, he is still in the midst of settling cases associated with the festival. Ten patrons passed away and hundreds others were injured on Nov. 5, 2021. 

In August, the families of Axel Acosta and Brianna Rodriguez settled their lawsuits, and Rolling Stone reported the family of John Hilgert, who was 14 years old at the time of death, settled its lawsuit against Live Nation, Travis Scott, and other Astroworld organizers eight months ago.

Other lawsuits are still pending, and Scott, Live Nation, and connected companies are still facing civil suits from thousands of attendees. There are hundreds of millions of dollars in potential damages at stake.

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