Trevor Jackson Defends Chloe Bailey, Says ‘Swarm’ Sex Scene Is ‘Art’

Chloe Bailey fans were definitely up for a “Surprise” in one of her newest roles.

The award-winning singer and actress has her fans bothered after unfolding a sex scene in Donald Glover‘s new series, Swarm. But actor Trevor Jackson thought his Grown-ish costar was simply portraying “art.”

Jackson told TMZ his perspective on Bailey’s scene when he was spotted at LAX on Monday. He said Bailey, in her right as a grown woman, is expressing her artistic freedom and she has his full support.

Bailey, who plays Marissa Jackson in the series, recently opened up about the fear she had when she learned she would be doing the scene with costar Damson Idris, who plays her boyfriend. She told Deadline that Idris made her feel really comfortable and relaxed on set.

“We were making a joke out of it so it took all the nervousness away from that,” Bailey said. “I have to give a lot of kudos to [Damson] as a man, for making me, as a woman, feel comfortable.”

The scene between Bailey and Idris sent Twitter into complete shock, following the scene’s airing. Twitter users picked the scene apart so much it even sparked a conversation about colorism, where actress Halle Berry was dragged into the matter.

According to one Twitter user who decided to drop a little history on the conversation, Bailey, 24, is around the same age as other prominent actors when they were featured in love scenes earlier in their careers.

“A reminder Pam Grier was 24 in “Coffy,” Jada Pinkett-Smith was 23 and Allen Payne was 25 in “Jason’s Lyric,” Larenz Tate was 21 and Nia Long was 25 in “Love Jones,” Taral Hicks was 24 in “Belly,” and so forth. I don’t see the big deal about her #Swarm scene,” the user wrote.