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Trump Campaign Allegedly Paid $750K To Investigate Election Fraud

Block wrote an op-ed for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel in which he said that every single claim of voter fraud he was asked to look into was proven to be false.

The Trump campaign allegedly paid Ken Block $750,000 to uncover suspected instances of voter fraud in several swing states during the 2020 election, only to have several of the claims refuted within minutes. Block, a software engineer, informed the campaign that their data was incomplete and not fraudulent, and people who had the same name were incorrectly counted as duplicate voters. Block told Business Insider that although the Trump team did not pressure him, it was clear which outcome they wanted. 

In Block’s book, Disproven, which releases on March 12, he chronicles his displeasure with Trump. “Former President Trump has turned losing with grace into losing with disgrace,” Block writes in the book. “He has spawned a group of losing candidates who would rather howl about voter fraud—without justification—than display the leadership qualities demanded by the positions for which they ran.”

Block continued, “Some of these failed candidates who make meritless accusations of voter fraud don’t seem to understand their own claims. Others spurn factual accuracy. For these folks, the end goal has nothing to do with winning an election. It is about raising money or profile—or worse, about undermining our republic.”

Block also wrote an op-ed for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel in which he said that every single claim of voter fraud he was asked to look into was proven to be false. With the 2020 ballot in Wisconsin in particular, Trump officials claimed that the wrong winner of that state was certified by election officials. The actual reason Trump lost had nothing to do with voter fraud. According to Block, what caused Trump to lose was his messaging, which caused divisions within the Republican Party.

Additionally, wrote Block, the Trump campaign seemed to be incompetent at strategizing to win votes in Wisconsin. “Those 37,000 votes that Trump lost are easily explained. He told moderate Republicans to take a hike, and those lost votes confirm that these voters did as they were told. Trump would have likely won Wisconsin had he not ostracized the RINOs. How can a candidate so concerned about a few thousand imaginarily fraudulent votes be so cavalier about losing the support of millions of voters across the country?”

Block also questioned the logic of a voter fraud narrative, writing, “Trump’s underperformance meant that he lost more than 37,000 votes in 2020 in Wisconsin’s red counties alone — a fact that argues strongly against the voter fraud narrative. Why would anyone commit voter fraud in a very conservative county if it harmed the conservative candidate?”

Block ultimately concluded, “Voter fraud did not cause Trump’s 2020 Wisconsin election loss. The amazingly close race was lost because Trump’s messaging was too narrow.”

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