Trump’s Minion, Diamond of ‘Diamond & Silk’ Dead at 51

The controversial ride or die, rabble-rouser known as “Diamond” who supported former President Donald Trump and his lies, has died “unexpectedly.”

Diamond, born, Lynette Hardaway, is now stumping on the other side in the upper room after she “passed away at her home” on Monday, the Daily Beast reports. Trump reportedly announced the news on his Truth Social site.

“Diamond’s death was totally unexpected, probably her big and precious HEART just plain gave out,” Trump wrote.

On Twitter, the pro-Trump duo’s official Twitter account which Diamond shared with her sister Rochelle “Silk” Richardson, announced the news and released a statement.

“Diamond blazed a trail, founded on her passion and love for the entire race of humanity,” read a statement on a fundraising page for her memorial.

“The memory of her passing should forever remain in our hearts. In this time of grief, please respect the privacy of Diamond’s family but remember and celebrate the gift that she gave us all!”
As of late, the sisters have been more quiet than usual, especially after they were ousted from being hosts on Fox News.

The Black conservatives seemed to have issues with the same network that has been accused many times over the years about its racist slants in national news coverage. 

Diamond and Silk were hired by Fox News to produce videos for its streaming platform, Fox Nation. The pair was let go in late April, after spreading coronavirus conspiracy theories and stating that the death count of COVID-19 was an attempt to make President Donald Trump look bad

In their book, Silk goes on about them being shut down for speaking about the same theories and rhetoric as the Fox News’ marquee hosts.
No word on how Diamond died but we’re pretty sure if it was from COVID they’ll keep that news to themselves.