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TSA PreCheck Passengers Flying United Airlines Will No Longer Need ID In Select Airports

United now offers "Touchless ID" technology, allowing TSA PreCheck travelers to navigate security solely by scanning their faces.

United Airlines has introduced a game-changer for TSA PreCheck members traveling through Chicago’s O’Hare and Los Angeles International Airports, according to NBC News. The airline now offers “Touchless ID” technology, allowing travelers to navigate security solely by scanning their faces, eliminating the need for physical IDs or boarding passes. This innovation aims to enhance the passenger experience by streamlining security procedures.

United’s Touchless ID requires passengers to enroll by scanning their passports and adding Known Traveler Numbers through the airline’s app. Opting in during mobile check-in grants permission for facial scans to serve as identification at Touchless ID kiosks in the airport. Presently, this feature is available for individual passengers aged 18 and above with single-passenger reservations. While the bag-drop function at O’Hare is still in the testing phase, United plans to extend Touchless ID to additional counters, security checkpoints, and boarding gates.

Delta Air Lines has already implemented similar technology at key hubs like Atlanta, Detroit, and New York’s JFK and LaGuardia airports, offering dedicated check-in lanes for touchless experiences. Clint Henderson, managing editor of The Points Guy, praised the efficiency, stating, “There was no wait.”

Looking ahead, the Department of Homeland Security envisions a broader “self-service” screening option, bypassing TSA agents entirely. The experimental program, currently being tested at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, combines facial screening and baggage scanning within innovative “pods.” TSA emphasizes that any facial recognition images captured are not stored for an extended period, maintaining a focus on privacy and security.

As travel evolves toward seamless and contactless processes, these technological advancements represent a significant step forward in enhancing efficiency and convenience for air travelers.

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