Turkey Leg Hut email firing

Turkey Leg Hut Drama Escalates As Co-Founder Fired Via Email

The email firing of Price describes the circumstances of the decision, as well as barring him from returning to the restaurant under any circumstances.

Turkey Leg Hut is embroiled in controversy around its money troubles. According to Fox 26, following a review of its financial situation, the restaurant uncovered severe financial mismanagement.

Owner Nakia Holmes gave a statement to Fox 26 explaining that moves were made to address financial discrepancies.

“Unfortunately, we quickly uncovered financial discrepancies that demanded immediate action.” The action Holmes referred to included firing Turkey Leg Hut co-owner Lynn Price, who Holmes alleged abused Holmes during their marriage in a statement.

“After gaining strength from leaving an abusive marriage, I was subsequently made aware of potential financial mismanagement at my company, The Turkey Leg Hut. This prompted me to initiate a meticulous review with my new finance team. Unfortunately, we quickly uncovered financial discrepancies that demanded immediate action. This led to a temporary two-week payroll delay and the difficult decision to lay off six valued team members, promising their reemployment in late summer.”

The statement continued, “Additionally, we made the decision to permanently terminate two employees involved in financial misconduct. Our immediate plan is to address the two-week back pay promptly and continue on the path to ensuring The Turkey Leg Hut is celebrated not just for our nationally-known cuisine but also for our exemplary business practices, cementing our commitment to a stronger, more cohesive future.”

The email firing of Price describes the circumstances of the decision and barring him from returning to the restaurant under any circumstances. It also states that Price will be compensated for his work per the labor laws observed by the State of Texas.

“I am writing to you in my capacity as Senior Change Management Consultant at Key Synergies, currently engaged with Turkey Leg Hut. Following a comprehensive review of the company’s operations and financial status, we have been compelled to make several difficult decisions to safeguard the future viability and success of the business.”

The email continues, “It is with regret that I must inform you that your employment with Turkey Leg Hut is being terminated, effective immediately. This decision has been reached in the context of an extensive restructuring effort necessitated by the company’s imperative need to align operational costs with our financial realities and strategic objectives.”

Houston Eater details more incidents relating to money, but it is Holmes who was sued in 2020 by a former minority owner of the Turkey Leg Hut, Steven Rogers. Rogers alleges that Holmes reallocated funds from the business into other side ventures, as well as encouraging customers to patronize food trucks that Rogers was unaffiliated with. Holmes responded by countersuing Rogers for embezzlement and allegations of financial mismanagement.

In June 2023, Holmes alleged in a request for a temporary restraining order that Price took both money and her car keys from the restaurant, as well as committed “family violence.” Holmes’ lawyer, Alice Bonner, also alleged that Price sent threatening text messages to her son, who was assisting the restaurant as a consultant. 


According to Fox 26, an employee anonymously commented that they have gone more than six weeks without a paycheck and are owed more than $1,000 by the restaurant.

The employee said that the situation is straining their finances, “We get behind on bills like rent, light bills, water bills,” the employee said. “It’s becoming a hassle trying to get what’s owed to ya’.”

Fox 26’s legal analyst Chris Tritico says that the employees who are experiencing payment delays have a strong case, “You should not give up on the money you’re owed, regardless of the amount.” There remain various avenues for the employees to get their money, such as filing a complaint with the Department of Labor. Tritico continued, “Creditors aren’t going to be as nice as you’re asking me to be to you, and they’re not going to wait.”