Turn Your Creative Ideas Into Life With This Digital Animation Program
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Turn Your Creative Ideas Into Life With This Digital Animation Program

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Digital art is a growing industry that has seen a significant uptick over the years as personal computers have become fully capable of having the powerful software needed for creators.

Gone are the days of Hollywood Studios such as Pixar’s monopoly on the animation business, as a number of companies have rolled out their own versions of software digit art platforms to the mass market.

Moho has been one of the most active companies in the digital art space, and for just $29.99, you can purchase Moho Animation Software to unpack, unleash and display your digital ideas. Its limited-time price is 50% off its MSRP of $59.99.

On sale now for $29.99 you can get an additional 40% off using coupon code VIP40 as a part of our VIP Sale. That drops your final price down to $17.99.

Friendly for beginners and professionals alike, this product packs everything you need to create 2D movies, cartoons, stop motion or cut-out animations. Create and produce desktop shorts in the mold of Disney Animation Studios, Nickelodeon Animation Studios or Cartoon Network Studios.

Check out this video.

Moho’s bone-rigging features allow for fast animation, it allows users to add a skeleton to images through a simple point and click, and its sequencer and timeline allow for project organization.

Its character wizard function allows users to design their own characters’ walk cycles, and the image vectorizer brings your creations to life as it converts them to ready-to-animate vector drawings activated by the simple click of a button.

“Moho has been a crucial creative tool for our key Cartoon Saloon productions. The Breadwinner, GOLDEN GLOBE, and ACADEMY AWARD® Nominated animated feature film, heavily relied on Moho to seamlessly sit alongside hand-drawn animation. It’s such a versatile tool and it has been the software choice of many of our key artists over the years,” writes Nora Twomey, director of The Breadwinner.

All that’s needed to run this software is a Windows or Macintosh computer outfitted with Windows® 7, 8.1 or 10 or Macintosh® OS X 10.9, 10.10 or 10.11 (or higher). Updates are included.

Whether you’re someone who already possesses an understanding of digital animation or if you’re curious about beginning a digital art journey, Moho’s product will suit either need. Take advantage of this limited-time deal today.

Prices subject to change.