TV’s Funny, New ‘It Man’ Kalen Allen Is on a Mission to Spread Joy

Whether you see him on your phone or television screen, Kalen Allen will surely lift your spirits. Kalen Allen’s name has become synonymous with laughter, from his humorous Instagram stories to his famous food reactions. Allen, however, isn’t just a digital content creator. He is also television’s hilarious new ‘it man,’ and he’s on a mission to spread joy to all our lives.

At just 27 years old, he is already an award-winning actor, producer, singer, and television personality. Discovered by Ellen DeGeneres from one of his viral food reaction YouTube videos, Allen’s infectious personality quickly took over our screens. From YouTube, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and hosting red carpets to joining the Food Network team, dropping a Christmas EP, and an upcoming role in the Netflix rom-com Meet Me Next Christmas, Allen is undeniably taking the entertainment world by storm.

The Start of Kalen Allen’s Journey

Allen shared that the theater kid in him loves to do anything that’s in front of an audience. “I’m so used to having an audience, and that’s where I feed energy from.” Luckily for him, his mom has always supported his journey. He believes one of the reasons he has made it to where he is today is because he was never forced to have a Plan B.

“I think when you have people around you that believe in you and always tell you that you’re going to be great, you start to believe that yourself. When you have that foundational support, the world is your oyster.” And while people have doubted him along the way, he has never let that stop him, stating, “I always use underestimation as my motivation.”

Allen has a strong sense of self and trusts his journey every step of the way. “I have a theory in my life that I am divinely guided,” Allen shared. The success of his first YouTube video was unexpected and a bit of an accident. He reacted to someone making cornbread that popped up as a sponsored ad. “Something in my spirit just told me at that time to make a video about it.” He set up his phone, hit record, and that first video went viral. Following his gut, he made more content similar to the first. That first video was created in November 2017. By December 2017, he was already taping his first episode for Ellen DeGeneres; by January 2018, he was moving to L.A. Things have not slowed down for Allen since.

What He is Up to Today

While he may no longer be filming The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Allen still finds himself in front of the camera and his calendar full. In addition to working with Food Network, filming a Netflix movie, working on a new Christmas album, co-hosting the Raised by Ricki Lake Podcast alongside Ricki Lake, and countless brand deals, Allen is also in the process of getting a master’s degree in Journalism at NYU, along with taking a certificate program through the Juilliard Extension Program. He has a packed schedule but makes it all work seamlessly. He recalls filming an episode of Supermarket Stakeout, leaving the set, and joining class immediately after.

“It’s just how I know how to operate. It’s who I’ve been ever since I was a kid. When I was a kid, I was doing musicals; I was doing plays; I was president of the NAACP Youth Council in my community, I was on student boards. I was doing all those things. It’s just how I naturally function. I was in dance classes. I was in voice lessons. Like all those things – so I think I’m really just doing what I know how to do. Everybody looks at it, and they’re like, ‘I don’t know how you do it all.’ Or ‘Wow, that’s a lot; you’re sure you won’t get burnt out?’ and I’m like, I’m just doing what I know how to do. I’m just being me. I’m just doing me.’”

Allen is used to being involved in many things simultaneously and has worked for everything he has.

“I’m not a nepotism baby. I grew up in Kansas City. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. And if it can happen for me, it can happen for anybody.”



You can keep up with Kalen Allen’s many moves by following him on Instagram @thekalenallen, Twitter @thekalenallen, or YouTube @thekalenallen.