Twice As Many Women Than Men Reportedly Unhappy With Careers. Here Are Some Tips To Help
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Twice As Many Women Than Men Reportedly Unhappy With Careers. Here Are Some Tips To Help

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Twice as many women than men feel barely or not at all content with their careers, a new report shows.

The revelation comes from a fresh survey of 501 full-time U.S. employees published by The Manifest.

The report’s author, Seamus Roddy, told BLACK ENTERPRISE by email “it’s most alerting that although most Americans feel professionally successful, women are almost twice as likely (17% to 8%) as men to feel dissatisfied with their careers.

Multiple reports in recent years have shown women — including black women — start their own businesses for various reasons. Some include job frustration, discontented with Corporate America, and simply to fulfill a dream or passion.

Roddy pointed out even with most Americans having had a professionally successful 2020, gaps exist and more women are being left behind.

However, Roddy offered some suggestions on what women can do to become more satisfied with their careers and operate more comfortably as their own bosses.

Mentorship is one of the best ways for women, in particular, to be successful and fulfilled, he says.

“Finding someone like you who has blazed the trail in corporate success or entrepreneurship can reap dividends for your career while mentoring newer employees can help increase fulfillment as you help others move forward.”

At the same time,  another top survey discovery is that 86% of employees say they are professionally successful. Interestingly, respondents reported they felt that way through rising unemployment, the shift to remote work, worries about getting sick, and the challenges of caring for children have made matters difficult this year for American workers.

The Manifest surveyed employees to learn what professional success strategies they use. It found that employees particularly value networking and mentorship. It also learned that more employees should ask for different work responsibilities, negotiate a higher salary, or hire a career coach.

Here are some Professional Success Tips suggested by The Manifest:

  1. Practice professional networking
  2. Engage in mentorship
  3. Request different work responsibilities
  4. Negotiate a higher salary
  5. Hire a career coach

See an expanded version of the tips here.