Twitter Employees Can Now Work From Home Forever
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Twitter Employees Can Now Work From Home Forever

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Yes, you read that correctly.

While the world is wondering what the workplace will look like post-COVID-19, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey just might have set a new standard for leaders after giving his employees the option to work from home forever.

In early March, the leader was one of the first to implement a work from home policy that encouraged others to follow suit. And on Tuesday, Dorsey sent an email to his employees about his plan for the company, which affirmed that the workforce is everchanging and that people could expect to work from home as long as they desire. The only exception would be for those who need to come into the office to work on servers as needed.

BuzzFeed first broke the news of Dorsey’s decision and it is likely that other companies will follow Twitter’s lead.

To that point, a Twitter spokesperson told BuzzFeed, “We’ve been very thoughtful in how we’ve approached this from the time we were one of the first companies to move to a work-from-home model. We’ll continue to be, and we’ll continue to put the safety of our people and communities first.”

In Dorsey’s email, he also revealed that the company had plans to implement the indefinite work-from-home option prior to the state of emergency but the pandemic pushed up his timeline.

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Twitter human Resources Head Jennifer Christie told BuzzFeed News the company would “never probably be the same” in the structure of its work. “People who were reticent to work remotely will find that they really thrive that way,” Christie said. “Managers who didn’t think they could manage teams that were remote will have a different perspective. I do think we won’t go back.”

In addition to the new work policy, it has been reported that Dorsey has canceled all in-person events for the calendar year; suspended company travel; and has given all employees a $1,000 budget for supplies so that they can work remotely efficiently.