Twitter: Oh You Fancy, Huh?

Twitter: Oh You Fancy, Huh?

Twitter recently updated its user interface (UI) before our very eyes, with a new sleek yet subtle look. The simplicity of the new design is so understated that, at first glance, I couldn’t tell you exactly what it looked like before. I only was able to catch the nuanced differences upon further observation.


Here Are Some of the Changes


New Twitter Interface (Image Screenshot: Twitter/@SequoiaB)


The icon that enables you to write a new tweet in the far upper right-hand corner no longer features the feathered pen in a box symbol. Instead, the icon is simply an oval button with the word “Tweet” written inside. Another button that has been revamped is the ‘Home’ icon in the top-left corner. Now, this button features an outline of a birdhouse with only one hole.

Remember all of the icons at the bottom of the screen, such as  ‘Like,’ ‘Retweet,’ or ‘Reply’? Well, these icons have been updated with chic and understated outlines of their former symbols, which appear in the form of buttons. The former button for ‘Reply’ now features a cute little speech bubble icon. Also, each of these buttons can now update your likes, retweets, and replies in real-time.

Additionally, all of the avatars are now round,  as opposed to their former square look, which seems to make each of these images appear more clearly.

Although I can’t speak on how the redesign has impacted Twitter’s look on all mobile devices, I did notice that on my iPhone, all of the settings have been relocated to a new, left-side navigation menu.


But Did Twitter Forget Anything?


Um, yes.

For one thing, where is the ‘Edit’ button? Come on Twitter! We need that badly. Hopefully, this will be included in the next iteration.

Honestly, that’s really my biggest complaint. Other than that, I’m feelin’ this new UI.

At least the social media platform kept the ‘Pinned Tweet’ feature—thanks for keeping that Twitter!

By the way, happy #AllEyezOnMe Day and Happy Birthday Tupac!