Tyler Perry Feeds 5,000 Families in Thanksgiving Food Giveaway

Tyler Perry Feeds 5,000 Families in Thanksgiving Food Giveaway

There are 5,000 happier families in the Atlanta area thanks to Tyler Perry.

According to Variety, the entertainment mogul had a successful food giveaway for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday over the weekend. Perry, through his vastly large production setup in Georgia, Tyler Perry Studios, was able to give away enough food to feed 5,000 families. With an announcement late last week, the studio organized a drive-thru event that took place outside of the studio headquarters from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Sunday.

The studio sent out a message via Twitter to let families know of their plan.

To ensure everyone’s safety during COVID-19, the families were required to wear face coverings as they were handed their Thanksgiving meals via a drive-thru setup.

Perry, who just last week accepted his People’s Choice Awards, gave an impassioned speech to encourage others to not give up their dreams.

“Had I given up when I was homeless, sleeping in my car, hungry, had I given up these people that you see on the screen right now wouldn’t be part of my dream. There are people tied into your dreams and destiny, and you’re worthy of getting to your goal. Keep digging. Don’t stop,” he continued. “Let me tell you something, listen to me, when you get there, to that water and see it coming and know you have what you need, this is what I want you to always remember—make sure that everybody you run into meets you at your worth. Thank you to all the people who voted for me to have this. I’m really inspired, motivated, moved and I’m going to keep going. God bless you. Make sure people meet you at your worth. I love you.”