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Uncle Luke Denies Gloria Velez’s Grooming Claims He Only ‘Groomed’ People ‘To Be Great’

Uncle Luke is denying Gloria Velez's claims of being groomed by the rapper back when she was still in high school.

Uncle Luke is denying Gloria Velez’s claims of being groomed by the rapper back when she was still in high school.

The slew of sexual assault lawsuits filed in recent weeks has the streets talking, especially the hip-hop streets. With Diddy being on the receiving end of three lawsuits, the hip-hop mogul is under fire as countless allegations continue to surface online.

One lawsuit involves Diddy and New Jack Swing-era singer Aaron Hall for allegedly taking turns sexually assaulting two young ladies back in 1990 or 1991, Rolling Stone reports. Amid the suit, allegations against Hall have come to focus including one past interview where he reveals how he met his ex and mother of his child, Gloria Velez.

In the interview, Hall admits to having met Velez through Uncle Luke, whom she was hanging out with. Now, amid the resurfaced claims, Velez hopped online to add clarity on how young she was when she was hanging around Uncle Luke and Aaron Hall.

According to Velez, not only was she still in high school, but she claimed “grooming” was taking place that started with Uncle Luke.

“If you don’t think grooming is happening in this business you’re sadly mistaken,” she wrote. “It’s started 1994 with Luke and a few others in this business. I was in high school.”

But Luke isn’t taking the allegations lightly and hopped online to warn Velez to keep his name out of her mouth of risk a defamation lawsuit.

“No no no Luke don’t get down like that baby,” he wrote in a post shared online. “Convention on your baby daddy before you get a defamation lawsuit.”

He followed up with a video message where he claimed to have paperwork on people he hired who were underage. He also says he only “groomed” people “to be great.”

“I don’t play bout that paperwork,” he exclaimed. “Make it make sense.”

Things are getting heated as the Me Too movement makes its way through the hip-hop industry.

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