Grand Marnier, UNWRP

UNWRP And Grand Marnier Collaborate For Tribute To 50 Years Of Hip Hop, With (W)rapping Paper And Creative Cocktails

This is an exciting fusion of art, music, and mixology.

During this holiday season, the tradition of gift-giving embraces a whole new rhythm as UNWRP, a Black-owned gifting company, comes together with Grand Marnier. This collaboration is a celebration that resonates with the 50-year legacy of hip-hop. It marks a groundbreaking union, spearheaded by the creative fusion of artist Teezo Touchdown’s distinctive style and Grand Marnier’s tribute to the rhythmic spirit of hip-hop.

BLACK ENTERPRISE discovered the inspiration behind UNWRP.

Grand Marnier with UNWRP has designed a limited-edition line of (w)rapping paper, paying tribute to hip-hop’s half-century mark. Drawing inspiration from Touchdown’s artistic versatility, this paper becomes a canvas, chronicling the evolution of hip-hop through musical elements.

“UNWRP’s collaboration with Grand Marnier draws inspiration by the unique opportunity to celebrate 50 years of hip hop, the holiday season, and of course, Grand Marnier cocktails,” founder Ashley L. Fouyolle told BE.

The limited edition (w)rapping paper design draws inspiration from Teezo Touchdown’s style and the evolution of hip-hop over the decades.

“It features music-listening devices and players that chronicle how music lovers have listened to hip-hop throughout its history and aims to capture the essence of hip-hop’s journey and the joy of gift giviing during the holiday season. The concept of the ‘Grand Encounter’ is reflected in the collaboration, echoing Grand Marnier’s history of blending unexpected elements, such as fine cognac and bitter orange liqueur, to create something extraordinary,” says Fouyolle.

Beyond visuals, Teezo curates the Grand Margarita holiday cocktail kit for Grand Marnier. 

Andrea Sengara, vice president of marketing for Campari U.S., noted in a press release, “Grand Marnier honors blending unexpected elements to create something extraordinary. Grand Marnier is once again honoring our storied history of blending unexpected elements to create something extraordinary.”

The Grand Margarita holiday cocktail kit is not merely a drink; it’s an experience that embodies the fusion of tastes and culture.

“Just like the unexpected encounter of orange liqueur and cognac coming together to create something grand, this collaboration with UNWRP and Teezo Touchdown to create an item that blends hip-hop, the holidays, and cocktails demonstrates the fun you can have when you bring together the unexpected,” shared Sengara. “Grand Marnier’s Grand Encounter speaks to me on many levels. As a former bartender, this collaboration is extra special to me.”

Committed to commemorating the history of hip-hop, Grand Marnier is donating to The Hip Hop Museum, set to open its doors within a housing community in the Bronx in 2025. Funds from Grand Marnier will support the museum’s research and curation of exhibits and collections.

The limited-edition UNWRP (W)rapping Paper + Cocktail Kit is available here