US Postal Workers Are Demanding Hazard Pay
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US Postal Workers Are Demanding Hazard Pay

US postal worker hazard pay

One of the most important jobs that tend to be overlooked, especially in the midst of this current coronavirus pandemic, is regular mail delivery. Based on the constant contact with people and items encountered on the job, United States Postal Service (USPS) drivers bringing mail to areas hardest hit by coronavirus are demanding hazard pay, according to CBS News.

Postal workers say that it is time that they receive hazard pay. So, a petition on has been started, which has acquired more than 525,083 signatures.

The petition states:

“As we get deeper and deeper into this Coronavirus epidemic postal employees are being forced to work and do overtime upwards of 12 hours a day. As of this present time, there have been Upwards of more than 40 confirmed cases of coronavirus with-in the United States Postal Service (As of April 3rd, that number has increased to more than 293 employees). From dealing with the day-to-day struggles of rain, sleet snow, hail or no AC in postal vehicles limited heating in postal vehicles no innovations in carriers delivery methods no innovations in protection clothing or any other areas of the post office.


“Megan Brennan USPS CEO hasn’t sent any supplies such as hand sanitizer or mask for employees protection, she made a very vague statement which basically read her employees should follow CDC guidelines. Blood, sweat, and tears postal employees carrier this company on their backs day in and day out at the expense of time with our families wear and tear on our bodies, mental and emotional abuse from USPS management.


“We are demanding hazard pay for working during Coronavirus considering we are essential during this epidemic we should at be paid for it. The union is no help to employees during this at all they should be fighting for this hazard pay or threatening for another shutdown. We have to get louder post office!! Hopefully, this is an outlet to make change happen.”

The government has deemed postal workers as “essential employees” during the ongoing pandemic crisis. Lawmakers have stated that if the USPS doesn’t get more support, it could shut down in the next few months.