Use These 3 SmartApps to Reduce Debt

According to Consolidate Credit, the average household credit card debt is $6,600. This includes personal debt. Being in debt can be a form of slavery that can keep you from buying the necessities for your business, owning a new home, buying a new car, helping your children with college expenses along with many other things that you may want or need for yourself. There are several helpful smartapps that can help people work on ways to reduce their debts. After all, there is no sense of having a smartphone just to pay a high bill and not be smart about using the apps to help you save money or even reduce debt. contributor Quida B. Davis outlines the three best debt-reduction apps:

  1.  Mint

    The Mint app will help you spend smarter and save more money. You have the option of easily pulling up all your accounts, credit cards and investments in one place. This is great! Have instant access to all your accounts so that you will never miss another bill payment while keeping track of everything (Free).

  2. Debt Free

    This app will help you organize, monitor and pay off your debt using the snowball method. You will be able to see an overall picture of the debt repayments that you will need to perform to become debt-free. Develop pay off strategies and learn more about debt reduction ($0.99).

  3. Pay Off Debt

    Designed by finance writer Jackie Beck, who is now debt-free, there are many wonderful features with this app. It can help you prioritize your debts in pay off order, it’s password protected, it allows you to see your planned debt-free date, and you can set payment reminders.  ($4.99).

Quida B. Davis is a dynamic Frugal Coach who resides in Atlanta, GA. She can find a coupon or savings for almost anything including holiday items and even surprises the cashier sometimes upon checking out at the register. She loves teaching others how to coupon and be frugal all at the same time even on Instagram and Periscope. She is a full-time mom, RN, and a frugal blogger at Simple Savings For ATL Moms, view her Red Hot Savings on Instagram daily, follow and interact with her more on Facebook!