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Usher Bet On Himself Using ‘Every Dollar’ For Vegas Residency

Usher invested in his "legacy" and foot the bill when launching his Las Vegas residency.

Usher is opening up about being the initial investor in his highly successful Las Vegas residency.

The Grammy-winning singer sat down with Atlanta’s V-103 to reveal the early investment he made into his Las Vegas residency one year before it dominated Sin City’s live show scene. Usher secured the first run of his “My Way: The Vegas Residency” at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in 2021. He didn’t know exactly what to expect but he knew he wanted to ensure his audience received the show of a lifetime.

The “Confessions” singer had no issue going into his own pocket to invest in his “legacy”

“I made it known if I do this, spend every dollar that we have. Yeah, we don’t make no money this first run because I want people to love this show. I have to invest in this show,” Usher explained.

“I got to invest in this future because what’s going to happen a year from now is why I’m making this investment. It wasn’t even intended. There was no way to even make any money, you know, and we didn’t have a lot of merchandise and things like that, but it was an investment. It was an investment in the future. It was an investment in my legacy. It was an investment in the songs that you had sang. It was an investment in my audience because they meant that much to me. I want to make certain that if I brought you here it was faith, it was belief.”

Usher’s residency ran from 2022 to 2023 and became one of the most sought-after shows on the Las Vegas Strip. He sold out 18 of his 20 shows in his first Vegas residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

While at the Colosseum, Usher raked in $18.8 million from 84,000 tickets sold. His move to the Park MGM Hotel and Casino earned $95.9 million from 394,000 tickets sold. In total, he made $114.7 million.

The “My Way” singer closed out his 100-show residency in December 2023. Each show earned an average of $1.198 million. The amount he earned from his Vegas residency is more than any tour Usher’s done to date.

When looking at the financial success of Usher’s Las Vegas residency, he made the right choice moving on faith and investing in its initial run.