Van Jones Ridiculed For Speech At ‘March For Israel’ Rally, Booed By Crowd Over Call For ‘Cease-fire’

Van Jones Ridiculed For Speech At ‘March For Israel’ Rally, Booed By Crowd Over Call For ‘Cease-fire’

Political pundit Van Jones is was in hot water after appearing at the March For Israel held in Washington, D.C.

Political pundit Van Jones was in hot water when he spoke before a crowd gathered in Washington, D.C., On Nov. 14, in support of Israel amid the ongoing conflict in the West Bank. In addition to being booed by those at the march after he expressed the need for a “cease-fire,” Jones was also openly ridiculed on social media by those who felt his presence and words put him on the wrong side of history, Newsweek reports.

Jones attributed his willingness to speak at the march to the Jewish community’s support of Black people during the civil rights era.

“I don’t want to be silent, because the Jewish community stood with the civil rights movement,” Jones said to the crowd gathered at the National Mall. “Walking arm-in-arm, facing death, going to jail. The Jewish community stood with the civil rights movement and I cannot be silent when Jews are under attack today.”

The CNN contributor addressed the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, saying, “I also pray that Hamas ends its reign of terror. I have to say, I’m a peace guy, I’m a peace guy, I pray for peace. No more rockets from Gaza, and no more bombs falling down on the people of Gaza. God protect the children. God protect the children. Let’s end all the horror and all the heartbreak in the Holy Land. Let’s end all of it.”

The crowd began to chant “No cease-fire” as Jones, seemingly, struggled to continue his speech. Apparently nervous, he said, it would appear accidentally, “Let’s take a stand against Muslims,” causing many to point out that similar harmful rhetoric has linked the actions of Hamas to not only the innocent citizens of Palestine but also to Muslims worldwide.

Soon after the speech began circulating, an old clip that captures a young Jones rocking dreadlocks and addressing a crowd about the atrocities enacted on Black people by the U.S. government made its rounds on social media with many pointing out the irony in his words. “in 1993, when we have the United States government building a death camp, a concentration camp,” Jones said in the video. “For Black people who have don’t nothing but get sick and want justice… that’s all they’ve done wrong. If we can’t close that death camp, if this generation can’t prevent another Japanese American internment in this lifetime, we should all get haircuts, get regular jobs and give it up.”

Many felt that Jones’ new position in support of Israel’s decades-long war with Palestinians, inferred by his willingness to appear at the rally, was in direct opposition to his stance earlier in his life and political career. Others saw his speech at the March For Israel as another instance of his attempt to appeal to both sides of controversial issues.

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