Vanessa Williams Gushes Over Daughter Jillian Hervey’s First Child—and Her First Grandbaby

Vanessa Williams Gushes Over Daughter Jillian Hervey’s First Child—and Her First Grandbaby

Actress, model, singer, and designer Vanessa Williams is a first-time grandmother and she’s elated about it.

Last week, she welcomed her daughter, LION BABE singer Jillian Hervey, to motherhood in an affectionate Instagram post.

“So proud to welcome my beautiful daughter @lionbabe into the wonderful, challenging and most rewarding role in life…motherhood,” the former Miss America captioned a heartwarming photo showing her embracing her daughter’s baby bump with bright smiles.

Williams, a mother of four, has been successful at balancing her career and motherhood for nearly four decades. She also has two daughters and a son—Sasha Fox, Devin Hervey, and Melanie Hervey.

She continued, “I’m always here to support, advise and babysit at any moment.”

The 32-year old songstress reportedly gave birth to a baby boy in December, alongside her partner, Lucas Goodman, the second half of Lion Babe. The couple managed to keep the pregnancy under wraps for the entire nine months. Now, behind-the-scenes footage from their maternity shoot is available online for fans.


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“Pregnancy for me was a huge reset,” Hervey told ESSENCE about her pregnancy experience. “Since the moment I discovered it was happening, I have been birthing new thoughts, feelings, intentions, and parts of myself.

According to the new mom, she was “anxious” and “overwhelmed” at first, but her attitude changed.

She said, ” I quickly shifted into embracing my path and surrendering to it. Being pregnant allowed me to reflect on appreciating the life I have lived, and it gave me a whole new perspective on how I want to move through the world. I knew I needed to make sure I did my best to create a calm, loving environment for my baby to grow.”

Hervey told the magazine that it was important for her to keep her pregnancy and her relationship with Goodman private. It was a family decision.

“My personal life, like my creative life, is sacred, but coming from the upbringing I have had, I never wanted to overshare,” she said.  “Although we are in the age of sharing everything, I am far more old-school and prefer to make sure that I have a life full of experiences that are just for me/us.”