Verizon Is Sending A Big Message to its Customers With This Change

Verizon Is Sending A Big Message to its Customers With This Change

Face it, high-speed internet is not cheap, and or those with poor to little credit, it can be a real hassle trying to obtain monthly cable and internet service. Verizon now offers a new prepaid plan that includes high-speed Fios internet access.

Fios prepaid offers internet access, cable, and home phone service. Signing up for the service does not require a credit check, deposit, or a credit card. Verizon is also making this a month-to-month service, so there’s no contract. There is a $90 installation fee, with all necessary equipment is provided.

Fios offers several different tiers of service. Twenty-five Mbps internet speed for uploading and downloading is $60 per month, and customers can add internet TV with over 155 channels for an additional $40-$50 per month–depending on the TV package–as well as phone service for $10 per month. Bundle plans are also available.

To get Fios prepaid, Fios has to be an option in your area. Cities where Fios is available include New York City; Albany, NY; Buffalo, NY;  Syracuse, NY; Philadelphia; Washington D.C. It’s also available in New Jersey, Delaware, and Rhode Island.

The monthly debit charge can be paid with a debit card or at Verizon Wireless store payment kiosks, providing some flexibility for those without credit cards or checking accounts.said Susan Retta, vice president of consumer marketing at Verizon in a

According to a released statement from Susan Retta, vice president of consumer marketing at Verizon:

“Fios Prepaid offers a new way to experience Fios for customers seeking payment flexibility. […] From students to snowbirds, consumers are looking for service and options on their terms. For those with little or no credit history, Fios Prepaid offers 100% fiber-optic quality internet featuring upload speeds as fast as download speeds, and crystal-clear TV service with no annual contract, deposit or credit check required–it doesn’t get any easier to join the Fios family.”

Verizon is the first of the big cable and broadband providers to provide a prepaid, month-to-month service. However, growing popularity with monthly internet TV subscription services, such as Sling TV, may be forcing more traditional cable and telecom companies to offer competing service plans.