Ye Up In Arms Over Album Event, Threatens To Remove Jay-Z And Others From ‘Donda’ Project

Controversy continues to follow Ye.

This time, a recent You Tube clip shows scenes from a few of Ye’s Donda recording sessions and other footage before the album’s 2021 release. Toward the end of the clip, Ye is seen walking around in a locker room, speaking on the phone.

During the conversation, he explicitly states that if Jay-Z and any other artists don’t show up to his listening party, he will remove their verses from the project.

“Everybody that’s not here, I’m taking they verses off. So I’m taking Jay-Z verse off, I’m taking—there’s anybody not here, unfortunately, they’re not on this version.” He then turns to the camera and says, “How do you even describe these kind of conversations bro?”

Well, Jay-Z did not attend the event in Atlanta at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in July 2021, but his vocals were left intact on the track he performed, “Jail.” Yet, Ye did keep his promise with several other artists after “Donda” was released, and some of them realized that they were no longer on the album.

Chris Brown, Pusha T, and Kid Cudi saw their verses deleted from their respective songs. Brown let his feelings be known on social media and Soulja Boy went on an infamous rant, leading to a temporary beef between the artists. When Ye appeared in the Drink Champs episode that has since been deleted due to Ye’s antisemitic statements, he explained why he took Soulja Boy off the album.

It wasn’t because he didn’t attend his listening event in Atlanta; Ye simply stated that his verse wasn’t good.

The two recording artists eventually made up after Ye texted Soulja Boy and apologized for not informing that he was removed from the album.