Viral Broadcast Anchor Partners With Clairol Professional to Amplify Conversations Around Textured Hair in the Workplace

Lena Pringle went viral in 2020 after posting a photo showing off her textured hair despite facing discrimination in the workplace.

Now two years later, Pringle has partnered with Clairol Professional to launch an important conversation around amplifying textured hair in the workplace. Pringle was bold enough to defy industry norms when choosing to wear her natural hair in support of her own mental health.

Since going viral, the News4Jax anchor is helping other women facing similar experiences in the workplace. Pringle was already helping the swarms of women who reached out to her after her viral post and inspiring them to “take up space” and embrace their natural hair.

“This was a decision I made back in 2018 to have a different lifestyle,” Pringle told BLACK ENTERPRISE about the motivation behind her viral post.

“At the time, I had a relaxed pixie cut while being a morning show news reporter and heavily involved in fitness. I got tired of having to choose between my edges and hips, so I decided to go natural. This decision was a choice to live a little freer and lighter. A decision that I am so incredibly thankful I made; I will never go back to not having natural hair. I love my hair because of the new lifestyle it provides and now the representation it shows.”


Pringle recalled how “appreciated” she felt by her colleagues when she made the big chop and wore her natural hair to her TV gig.

“When I got to my second news job in Jacksonville, it became one of my staples,” she said. “It has now grown into a staple of representation and Black Girl Magic.”

Now as part of Pringle’s involvement with the Clairol Professional Partnership, she will help tackle discrimination around natural hair in the workplace. It comes at a time when politicians are working to get the CROWN Act passed by Senate.

“The Texture by You, Color by Clairol partnership is working to amplify the conversation around natural hair in the workplace and its professionalism,” Pringle said. “I am fortunate to not have experienced discrimination based on my hair color, however, I know this isn’t the same for others in a variety of professions.”

exture by You, Color by Clairol

“Clairol Professional has a 90+ year tradition of creating hair coloring for beauty and healthy-looking hair for textured hair. This allows people who are looking for bold and professional hair coloring to have trusted options for their natural hair.”

“Throughout their three different color lines available for people with hair like mine, to make bold color choices for their hair while remaining professional; I will provide a few demos on how this can be done! Not only are we tackling race-based hair discrimination, but we will also address how hair coloring plays a vital role in these issues to help push the needle forward in this important timely conversation.”

Pringle is confident that her partnership with Clairol will help “show the importance of this ever-evolving conversation around natural hair and colored natural hair in the workplace.”