Founder Of Anwuli Eyewear Brand Wins $5,000 Grant From Black Girl Ventures, Visa

Founder Of Anwuli Eyewear Brand Wins $5,000 Grant From Black Girl Ventures, Visa

Nwamaka Ngoddy, the founder of Anwuli Eyewear, has won the grand prize of $5,000 at the Atlanta Pull Up & Pitch competition.

The competition, held earlier this month, was hosted by Black Girl Ventures in partnership with Visa and supports Black and Brown small businesses. BGV and VIsa visited several cities virtually through their partnership, including Washington, D.C., Detroit, Chicago, and Miami.

“Black Girl Ventures as a whole focuses on pitching as an avenue for their voice. Our entire focus is on enhancing the way women can articulate who they are and what they have, and how they can be funded through those matters. Because often, we find women who have extraordinary ventures. They’re putting numbers on the board. They’re generating revenue. They’re hiring staff. They’re creating community impact, but they’re still not getting the funding they deserve, “Shelly Omilâdé Bell told AfroTech.

Ngoddy started Anwuli Eyewear in 2019 after working as an optometrist for years. During that time, Ngoddy realized her Black clients cited issues, including frame size and fit, leading her to start her brand, bringing inclusivity to the eyewear industry.

Ngoddy’s eyewear brand is already being sold at four local eyeglass outlets in Georgia and has eight frame designs. Bell said she is confident Anwuli Eyewear will continue to grow.

“I noted more inclusivity in the clothing industry, with fashion lines expanding to include different body types. I then envisioned transferring this principle to eyewear; the driving concept is that people have unique facial landscapes and every consumer, no matter their race or facial features, deserves fashionable eyewear options that make a statement without speaking,” Ngoddy told AfroTech.

Last month, BGV announced a partnership with the NBA to launch the BGV NextGen Program. In the Program, 25 students will have an opportunity to bring their visions to life and advance their business plans.