Warren G Wishes He Was ‘More Business-Minded’ After Receiving Nothing For ‘The Chronic’

Warren G appeared on Drink Champs last month where he recalled co-producing Dr. Dre’s celebrated album debut, 1992’s The Chronic. For Warren G, it was “organic” and “amazing” to work with his stepbrother on the project that helped introduce him to the rap scene.

There’s just one problem: He didn’t get paid.

Warren G knew nothing about music publishing rights and didn’t sign off on anything for his work on the album that’s now archived in the Library of Congress.

“My only thing is I wish I was more business-minded back then…My thing was, like I said, the show the love back to him as far as teaching me,” he said.

“You taught me as a pup and this is the reward for you teaching me by me and my homeboys coming back, putting this record together for you.”

But 30 years later, Warren G now wishes “I would’ve knew about publishing back then, ‘cause that would be lovely right now.”

When it comes to what the “Regulate” rapper received for his work on The Chronic, apparently not a thing.

“I didn’t get s—t. I didn’t get no credits,” Warren G revealed. “Snoop [Dogg] gave me some credit. Snoop said my name on ‘Stranded on Death Row.’”

Despite the snub, Warren G has no regrets and says his work was all for the love of Dr. Dre. “I wasn’t tripping. I was there for Dre. You know, helping Dre.”

In July, Dr. Dre appeared on Kevin Hart’s Hart to Heart, where he slyly credited Warren G for coming up with the concept of “The Chronic.”

“A close friend of mine, we’ll call him D.O.C., talked me into doing The Chronic album,” Dr. Dre shared. “It wasn’t my decision, I was talked into doing that. I just went in there and went for it because I felt, at that time, it was a life or death situation.”


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