[WATCH] Black and Sexy TV’s ‘The Couple’ in Development with HBO

[WATCH] Black and Sexy TV’s ‘The Couple’ in Development with HBO

According to The Root, the hot, online creators of Black and Sexy TV have landed a web-deal with respected television-maven, HBO. It was reported that the network is developing The Couple, a popular web series produced by Black and Sexy TV, which will be executive produced by Spike Lee. Other feature films, listed on their website, include Roomie Lover Friend and Hello Cupid.

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The popular online network that began on YouTube, launched a premium subscription service that allows fans and viewers to pay, seven dollars monthly or $60 yearly, to view season finales of existing shows.

“People are drawn to the type of content we offer because it’s for a progressive black audience or people who enjoy black culture in a modern way. It’s not really found anywhere else quite like that, and that’s what makes it unique,” said Numa Perrier to The Root. Perrier is co-founder and director of programming and development at Black and Sexy TV. The Couple will be executive produced by Spike Lee.

[Below: Watch the first episode of The Couple]