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Multiple Ways To Help Boost Your Credit Score As 2024 Approaches

Improving your credit score is a goal that you should certainly consider before the ball drops.

Losing weight, quitting smoking, and getting organized are among many Americans’ most popular New Year’s resolutions. 

However, with 2024 approaching soon, improving your credit score is another goal you should consider adding to the top of your list before the ball drops.

Strong credit can be invaluable whether you’re a Gen Z, millennial, or baby boomer. For instance, it can help you bag a home mortgage, auto loan, and financing to pay for college. Simultaneously, bad or poor credit can make you a risky borrower, reducing your chances of getting approved and obtaining a good or lower interest rate.

BLACK ENTERPRISE has reported Black Americans are less likely than white Americans to know their credit score. Yet, being aware of that is vital as you cannot act to improve the problem until you have the details. And that can be a game-changer as a stronger credit score can also lead to better insurance rates and credit card interest rates and rewards. Further, it can even influence where you live and work. According to this report, the nation’s average credit score is 696 using the VantageScore model. So, that means the average American is barely under the good 700 credit range. The ideal score is a minimum of 750, the start of the top-notch credit range. A chart here shows states with the highest and lowest credit scores.

To help improve your score, there are several actions to consider taking. One of the first is getting copies of your credit report to ensure the information is correct. Visit to get a free report from each of the three national credit reporting firms every 12 months.

Further, analyze your credit report for mistakes and check it regularly. The reason: There could be details that should not be there and reduce your scores. Be assertive and ensure an account in decent shape is included in your report.

And very importantly, pay bills by the due date. That action is among the most significant factors affecting your credit score. Paying bills timely can even help boost your score. Consider a system where bills are paid automatically, erasing the risk of missing a payment and incurring late fees.

A new report here and this information offers more tips to help enhance your credit score.

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