Ways to Ease Anxiety On the Job

Ways to Ease Anxiety On the Job

Everyone experiences being overwhelmed at some point, especially at work.  However, the office is the one place where we need to maintain some decorum. This article from the popular wellness site MindBodyGreen offers tips on how to keep stress at bay while keeping your cool and how to ease anxiety while you are in the workplace.

How to Ease Anxiety at Work 

 Wait on the coffee!

The best way to lubricate, hydrate, and detox your entire body is by drinking a glass of warm filtered water first thing in the morning. For extra credit, add real lemon juice! Coffee is very dehydrating, so wait until you’ve had some breakfast and at least one glass of water before having your morning cup. You’ll find yourself less anxious and won’t experience such a large caffeine crash.

 Take breaks to breathe.

It’s easy to get lost in our workdays. Meetings, deadlines, and a full inbox can really take a toll on our mental health. It’s important to remind yourself to breathe and practice a simple breathing exercise of 5 second inhales and 8 second exhales. Practice this for just five minutes a day and you’ll notice awareness coming back to your body, which will help you relax when you encounter tense or overwhelming moments.

Organize your workspace before you leave the office.

Clean up that desk! I find that having a clean and uncluttered workspace is absolutely necessary for me to get any work done. Take a few minutes every evening to tidy up your space, put pens in their cup, paper work in its correct folder or recycling bin and clean any plates or cups that may be on your desk; that way when you get to the office in the morning, you’re starting with a clean slate!

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