Wealth Builder Portia Hoover Teaches Women How to Generate Income
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Wealth Builder Portia Hoover Teaches Women How to Generate Multiple Streams of Income

Portia Hoover
Portia Hoover

Portia Hoover is a philanthropist, bestselling author, wealth-generating coach, and high-energy entrepreneur behind the online “Level Up” program that is changing the lives of thousands of women throughout the world. With a strong passion to help others succeed and a business acuity in creating new opportunities, Hoover created her business model that leverages coaching women to build and own their own businesses and become independent as a result. With her unique business model, a model she believed to be from the inspiration and prompting of God, she has been a blessing to more than 3,000 women around the globe.

Hoover later found herself to be enthused with the social media world and the endless possibilities it had in establishing networks, creating opportunities, and reaching out to a larger audience, which is unattainable in normal societal relations, especially in the marketing experience that she had in the previous years. In a turn of events, which she would later attribute to God’s directive, her online venture started from a simple request from a young lady for help with an online opportunity.

The strong passion to help others combined with the knack for finding new opportunities led to the creation of a business model dedicated to helping women become entrepreneurs. This model became the blueprint for Hoover, whose passion has enabled her to coach, help, and inspire women internationally to start their own brands such as lash lines, hair-care lines, online boutiques, and T-shirt lines.

Having a strong link with manufacturers across the globe, building networks that enhanced business delivery led to the mastery of building the neural nexus of online businesses that established Hoover as an expert in businesses utilizing online platforms. All these accomplishments also translated to greater impact on more lives as she inspired people to build better and more profitable business systems.

Over the years, Hoover has conducted training webinars on Shopify, an e-commerce web site platform for building online stores and training on investments.

Why are you so passionate about helping women build wealth?

One reason, I hated to see my mother struggle. And because she struggled, of course her kids did as well. So this is why I’m so focused on helping women strive for more. I think it’s very important for women to have a bag and to also produce a bag, if you get where I’m coming from. There are so many ways to build generational wealth, and having excellent credit is one, also getting involved in real estate and investing in stocks is another way. Throughout my career, I have helped thousands of women produce income from home, and this year I will help a thousand more.

What started you off on your wealth journey?

Growing up poor and spending the majority of my 20s and 30s struggling, while working for other people sure did put some fire under my tail to change it up! I was mad and tired, and that in and of itself is a great recipe for success. I have kids, so being without wasn’t an option for me nor my family. This hasn’t been an easy journey, but it’s one worth fighting for.

What plans do you have for your business as 2020 wraps up?

I will be focusing on strengthening my relationship with God again. I went through a lot with the loss of my mother. I was angry with God, and still am at times. So I had to recognize that I need some clarity. That’s first. And stepping out of my comfort zone, placing myself in an uncomfortable position in order to grow more in my business and as a person.

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