Weaveologist, Fashion Hendricks, Talks Do’s and Dont’s of Workplace Hair

Weaveologist, Fashion Hendricks, Talks Do’s and Dont’s of Workplace Hair

Celebrity hairstylist, beauty tastemaker, entrepreneur, and world renowned weaveologist, Fashion Hendricks, sat down with BlackEnterprise.com to discuss every black woman’s glory and bain—hair.

Hendricks offered insight on the do’s and don’ts of workplace hair, the purpose of weave, and the necessity of proper hair care. Check it out:

BlackEnterprise.com: How much is your hairstyle defining you in the workplace?

Hendricks: I think your hairstyle is largely relevant in the workplace. Especially if you have a position where people have to listen to what you have to say and respect your opinion. If you have a hairstyle that has a lot of colors in it, or it’s tricky to figure out what kind of hairstyle it is, instead of people listening to what you have to say, they’re going to be looking at your hair.

Something very classic or timeless is great. A professional job, where your opinion is important, is not really the place to do a lot of the trends.

What do you deem as a ‘classic’ look for the work place?

It doesn’t have to be boring–it can still have some edge. More or less, stay away from the bright blues and purple colors. If it’s braids, it should be a neat, kept braid styled. If you choose braids make sure it’s easy to upkeep and will stay looking neat even when your hair starts to grow out.

Is there a preference on what’s appropriate or inappropriate in terms of natural, relaxed or weaved hair in the corporate environment?

If you’re wearing a weave in a corporate environment, keep it at 2 to 3 bundles maximum. You can’t have performance hair [lots of color, hair, length] in a corporate environment.

Natural hair is harder to take care of than weaves are. It’s a lot of making sure that it’s manipulated properly, and that it doesn’t shrink up in the middle of the day. You don’t want to spend so much time worrying about your hair on a daily basis. For natural hair, pick a style that’s not going to have you checking yourself in the mirror every half hour.

Relaxed hair needs to look healthy. There can be extensive maintenance on keeping relaxed her together, like visiting the salon once a week, unless you are really good with doing your own hair.

If you had 3 staple hair rules, regardless of industry, what would they be?

  1. Do something that makes you naturally look beautiful.
  2. Find something that you can do yourself, easy.
  3. Don’t choose the style that’s going to put a lot of wear and tear on your hair just to have one look.

What do you make of women’s dependency on hair extensions and the toll it can potentially take on hair health?

I’m a weaveologist so I tend to think differently. I know for certain, because I’ve been doing this for 27 years, that weave will protect your hair, provided it is done correctly. If your foundation is too tight or you can’t sleep at night because your head hurts, then that’s not a weave that’s done properly.

I like to do my clients hair where eventually they can leave me. I don’t want to keep clients forever. Weave, braids, and extensions is not a forever thing. Stylist should communicate with clients about how they are going to transition out of wearing weave.

Where can people find you?

Google the word Weaveologist or NYC Weave and I’m right there.

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