NBA Player Wendell Carter Jr. Gives Back To The Community with Free Basketball Camp In Atlanta

A free basketball camp was held by an NBA player on June 3, 2023, in Atlanta.

According to WSB-TV, NBA player Wendell Carter Jr., who currently plays for the Orlando Magic, gave back to his community by hosting a one-day basketball camp for 8th through 12th graders. Carter graduated from Pace Academy in Atlanta before beginning his collegiate career at Duke University.

The camp helped children hone their basketball skills and gain more confidence on the court, on and off the court. The students were also required to participate in classroom education programs, including African American studies and financial literacy.

“I feel like in the school system in particular, we shy away from that, especially early on,” Carter told the media outlet.

The Orlando Magic player created the program through his nonprofit, Platform Squared. It was designed to provide students and their families with educational programs and tools to help advance their quality of life. This was the second year Carter hosted the free basketball camp.

Carter said his parents inspired him to start the foundation and that his main goal is to help the next generation of children.

“Doing the things that are uncomfortable, doing the things you know you have to do that you may not want to do in order to succeed at life.

“When you stimulate your mind that’s something that no one can ever take with you. That’s something my mom and dad were telling me growing up,” Carter said. “If this basketball thing don’t work out, we know you are good because you were at the top of your class. you’ll figure it out for yourself.”

After playing one season of basketball at Duke University, Carter declared for the NBA draft in 2018. The Chicago Bulls selected him with the seventh overall pick, and he played for the team until he was traded to his current team, the Orlando Magic, in 2021.