Wendy Williams Files Papers Demanding Bank Unfreeze Millions in Her Accounts After Financial Adviser Said She’s of ‘Unsound Mind’

Wendy Williams Files Papers Demanding Bank Unfreeze Millions in Her Accounts After Financial Adviser Said She’s of ‘Unsound Mind’

Another problem has come up for talk show host Wendy Williams. Already battling several health issues during her hiatus from her self-titled television talk show, Williams finds herself taking on a legal battle against her bank.

Reportedly, an attorney representing Williams has filed papers asking a judge to unfreeze bank accounts belonging to the TV personality.

According to The Sun, the ailing talk show host has asked a judge for an emergency order instructing her bank, Wells Fargo, to unfreeze several accounts.

Her attorney has stated Williams claims that Wells Fargo is in “possession of several million dollars’ worth of funds” that belong to her, and she has been denied access to her money for more than two weeks. The attorney asserts that Williams’ former financial adviser informed the bank that she “was of unsound mind.” Based on that, Wells Fargo has denied her access to the bank accounts and statements associated with it.

Wells Fargo responded by saying that it is justified in keeping Wendy’s accounts frozen. The bank says it is under authority based on various client agreements to “pause or reject instructions for a proposed transaction,’ pending judicial or administrative remedies, should they suspect financial exploitation, dementia, or undue influence,” the lawsuit claimed.

The attorneys feel Wells Fargo is overreaching its authority, in part because Williams has not proposed any transaction which gives the bank that right to pause or reject access to her accounts. Her attorney wants the court to demand the bank allow her “access to her financial accounts, assets, and statements” while the current conflict with Wells Fargo is resolved in arbitration.

They stated that Williams is suffering “imminent and irreparable financial damage,” and Wells Fargo is in breach of its fiduciary duty. They are also demanding the bank give access to Williams and “her agents, members, officers, employees, representatives and anyone else acting on Respondent’s behalf” within 48 hours.

Williams has been absent from her popular show for months due to several health issues. In addition to experiencing complications from Graves disease, she had also combatted COVID-19 and checked herself into the hospital for a psychological evaluation.