What the COVID-19 Crisis is Teaching the World About Humanity
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What the COVID-19 Crisis is Teaching the World About Humanity

COVID-19 Crisis
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The COVID-19 health crisis is arguably the reminder people all over the world needed to rediscover our humanity. As people’s lives are being reshaped by isolation, the economy, and everything else that has come about as a result of the world’s new normal—now is an opportune time to reflect on how people can band together and practice empathy as we strive to overcome the crisis.

Here are some gentle reminders during the time:

  1. We need each other. – As the world practicing social distancing, it’s important to remain connected. It seems like the world has truly gone digital overnight as the virus has spread rapidly forcing people to find other ways to connect.
  2. There is a great need for empathy. – People are very vulnerable right now. And taking the time to understand one another needs and as well as expressing ourselves respectfully can help us better serve each other.
  3. In the words of the rapper Big Boi, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” In other words, wash your hands and practice good hygiene.
  4. We must protect our elders. – It can be hard to keep your distance from your loved ones during this time, but for many elders, it is in their best interest. Aside from social distancing, it is key to check in on the elderly and make sure they have basic essentials if they are sheltered in place.
  5. It is important to set healthy boundaries. – Working from home and sheltering in is not as simple as some people might have anticipated. For many, the new routine can be stressful. Here are some tips from Tonya Ladipo, LCSW, on how to stay mentally fit during these times.
  6. We are all connected. – There is only one race. The human race. In order to get through these times, we must be on one accord.
  7. It is important to establish a sense of trust. – The influx of news regarding coronavirus has established a sense of distrust as some information has been sensationalized. Many people are also living in fear. During this time, it is critical to vet out reliable resources for information.

The list could go on. Nevertheless, it starts with each and every one of us. To stay in the loop about how COVID-19 is impacting the black community click here.