Illness Leads Designer to Resign From Netflix and Roku to Focus on Himself, Creates App and Community

Illness Leads Designer to Resign From Netflix and Roku to Focus on Himself, Creates App and Community

Life coach and entrepreneur, Shaun Crumméy, was a successful designer working for Netflix and Roku, when he was diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease.

It wasn’t long until Crumméy started thinking more about who he was, rather than what he did for a living.

“After I was hit with gastroesophageal reflux disease, I ended up losing about 50 pounds and long story short they made me choose between coming in sick or moving on, so I decided to move on and we split ways and I needed a way to impact people.”

Crumméy added that he took some time to attend seminars on entrepreneurship and business to connect with individuals and share ideas. However, as time passed, Crumméy had trouble keeping in touch with the people he met. That led the Seton Hall alumnus to create the Luhv+ App.

The Luhv+ app, launched earlier this year, is a place where career professionals transitioning into leadership and executive roles can learn personal and business development skills.

The app is part of a community outlet where creatives, entrepreneurs, and young business professionals gather to master their minds, elevate their lives, and simplify success through professional and career development activities curated by Crumméy.

(Image: Courtesy of Shaun Crumméy, founder of Luhv+)

“So I created something, and then from there it grew to [me asking] how can I help other people develop themselves? How can I help shed the light on other individuals? Maybe [through] something that I know or [something that] others know and we can pass that information to each other,” said Crumméy.

“So we started Luhv+ as a website and decided to grow into an app where now we have challenges on the app that are really geared towards helping people push past their current limitations and [helping people with] moving up the ladder of the corporate world or transitioning to ownership.”

The app is free in the Apple Store and after downloading it, people can create a profile, form groups to talk to in the app, or conduct private Zoom chats. Luhv+ also features a Mindset Magic program that can help guide people from where they are currently in their careers and put them on a trajectory to transform their lives.

Additionally, Luhv+ works to build people’s confidence with daily challenges that will not only uplift them, but also give them a better outlook on life and work.

“These challenges are mini-courses, one challenge that we have is the mirror reflection challenge,” Crumméy told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

(Image: Courtesy of Shaun Crumméy, founder of Luhv+)

“The mirror challenge is designed for you to look at yourself in the mirror and say things to yourself such as one thing that you’re happy for yourself for, one thing that you forgive yourself for and one thing [you’re] committed to. So these challenges give you a prompt each day to carry out a task.”

Crumméy created Luhv+ to provide professionals a place to explore unlimited possibilities in their careers and lives. People can meet, talk, and provide professional and emotional support, build confidence, and potentially change their lives through entrepreneurship and community.