While July Fourth Is Top Holiday For Grilling Out, 56% Of Americans Do It Year Round

While July Fourth Is Top Holiday For Grilling Out, 56% Of Americans Do It Year Round

Perhaps appropriately, the Fourth of July is a favorite time for people to grill. Independence Day is considered the most popular grilling time compared to Memorial Day, Labor Day, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

A survey revealed that 68% like to throw barbecue parties for the holiday. But the hunger to grill is not limited to the summertime. Another survey of 2,000 American adults revealed that 56% grill throughout the year, Talker reported. Around 63% look at grilling as a healthy hobby. Interestingly, 48% of those questioned have even grilled outside during a snowstorm and 39% during the rain.

Done by OnePoll for Kansas City Steak Co., the survey examined people’s summer cookout plans. It revealed that 62% plan to “use these events to experiment with different cooking techniques.”

People also like to test their cooking skills in other ways, including smoking (46%), roasting (40%), baking, and grilling (38%). From trying “Mexican seafood” to cow tongue to swordfish to watermelon slices,” Americans reported they’d grilled assorted offbeat foods. Chicken (53%) still heads the meat list for those who opt to barbecue, followed by burgers (50%) and steak (48%).

All told, 51% of Americans have grilled vegetables and fruits. As to what tastes best when grilled, corn (35%), potatoes (35%), asparagus (30%), pineapple (30%), and zucchini (30%) received top scores. About 48% of respondents use seasonings to add flavor to their entrées despite the grill.

“The trend of grilling year-round couldn’t be more timely,” a Kansas City Steak Co. spokesperson stated, per Talker.

“People are recognizing the benefits of grilling at home, such as having more control over food options and flavors (45%), which can be helpful to meet the needs of family members with different diets. Many also see its participatory element as a way to reconnect with family and friends (43%) in a bigger way than by going to a restaurant.”

Some 33% of those quizzed plan to meet at a family get-together that could include a barbecue, while 29% say they will take grilled food to family outings.

Further, people may do well to keep safety top of mind while grilling. Check out this site that offers some tips.