White High School Principal Resigns After Suggesting Kobe Bryant’s Death Was Karma

White High School Principal Resigns After Suggesting Kobe Bryant’s Death Was Karma

A Washington state high school principal who called former Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant a “rapist” on her Facebook page on the same day the NBA legend died in a helicopter crash has resigned, according to CNN.

The post, which was deleted an hour later, said “Not gonna lie. Seems to me that karma caught up with a rapist today,” Liza Sejkora, now-former principal of Camas High School in Camas, Washington, resigned Friday, after being placed on leave. According to KGW8, she wrote a letter to the parents and students of Camas High School:

“CHS Families:


You may be aware that a copy of a social media post I made on my personal Facebook page is circulating digitally in our community. Today, I apologized to my staff, and now I apologize to you. 


On January 26 after news broke Kobe Bryant’s death, I made a comment to my private social media which was a personal, visceral reaction. I want to apologize for suggesting that a person’s death is deserved. It was inappropriate and tasteless. Further, I apologize for the disruption it caused to our learning environment today.


In education, we remind students to think before they post online, especially when feelings are inflamed. We also teach our students about context. My emotions and past experiences got the best of me in that moment. We also teach our students that what we share online has permanency.


While what I wrote was posted on a private Facebook account to people who are my friends and was quickly removed, I acknowledge that private does not always mean private. I love being principal at Camas High School. We have tremendous students, staff, and community. I’ve learned an important lesson and I hope that I can earn your trust back.

“I have accepted Dr. Sejkora’s resignation as principal of Camas High School. Losing a principal during the school year in this way is obviously very difficult,’ Camas School District Superintendent Jeff Snell said in a YouTube video. “I ask that you rally around Camas High. Our students and staff did not ask to be put in this situation. They deserve the space to move forward.”