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‘The View’ Erupts: Whoopi Goldberg And Alyssa Farah Griffin Get Into It Over Nikki Haley

On Thursday, Sept. 28, The View of the ABC morning talk show hosts showed frustration. Whoopi Goldberg lost her cool when debating with co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin while discussing the Republican Presidential Debate the previous evening.

According to the Daily Mail, Goldberg raised her voice while speaking directly to Griffin about presidential candidate Nikki Haley. The intense discussion was about Griffin’s support for the former South Carolina governor. While the other co-hosts, Sara Haines, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin, were talking over each other in opposition to Griffin’s defense of the job Haley did as governor, chaos ensued.

As Griffin stood her ground speaking in favor of Haley, Goldberg interjected by firmly telling her to listen.

Goldberg then lays out the reason she doesn’t like Haley.

“Here’s my problem with Nikki Haley… when people say, “Well, what have you done?” I wanted to know what she had done, really. What policies at the U.N. because that’s her?” Goldberg questioned.

Before Goldberg finished, Griffin interjected, “She’s a successful two-term governor.”

Goldberg replied, “Wait a minute! She was an OK governor; she wasn’t a great governor, and you may think she’s the cat’s meow, I do not! So that when I listen to her, I want to hear somebody say, ‘And here’s what we’re going to do…'”

To which Griffin interjects: “Did you guys all watch it? I thought she did that!”


The co-hosts then started to speak over each other, and Goldberg stated: “Listen, I listen to Republicans, listen, I’ve been sitting listening to you, and I’ve been quiet for everybody, so I’m just saying…”

“I try, and I didn’t hear the thing I needed to hear as an American, which is, what are you going to do about this and this? I don’t want to know about the wars, the culture wars, I don’t wanna hear anybody else talking about culture wars…”

Apparently fed up, Goldberg then said, “The whole panel talked about culture wars, and that’s the problem for me.”


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