Ohio Woman Leaves Wig Sticking Out Of Her Car’s Trunk, Concerned Neighbor Thinks It’s A Body

Ohio Woman Leaves Wig Sticking Out Of Her Car’s Trunk, Concerned Neighbor Thinks It’s A Body

According to WOIO/Cleveland 19 News, an Ohio woman had a hilarious interaction with the police in her neighborhood.

On June 22, 2023, Toria Townsend, of Massillon prompted a 911 call to her property after she left her wig suspiciously hanging out of her trunk and neighbors were concerned.

Townsend told the outlet she was late to her hair appointment that day, so she rushed to take off her wig. She put the hairpiece in the trunk of her car and, unbeknownst to her, left some bundles of hair hanging out after she closed the trunk.

After leaving her hair appointment, the wig was still half hanging out of her trunk as she returned home, giving the appearance of hair sticking out of her vehicle. After arriving at her residence, Ohio police officers responded to a 911 call from a concerned citizen. 

The interaction, caught on Townsend’s doorbell camera, showed the officers explaining that someone had filed a report of a person being potentially locked in the trunk of her car. They also asked her if she was a hairdresser. Finally, Townsend realized what the 911 caller had seen.

“Oh my Jesus,” she exclaimed. “That’s my wig.”

As the officer questioning Townsend bursts out laughing, Townsend rushed inside to get her keys and retrieve the wig hanging out of her trunk. 

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“I was in such a rush that day I forgot about my wig and didn’t pay attention to where it landed,” Townsend said. 

Townsend praised the responding officers for how they handled the situation appropriately. “Usually, you see a not-good outcome when it comes to a person of color and an officer. When you finally see something good (starting from this situation), it’s funny,” she said. 


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The clip of the interaction between police and the Ohio woman has since gone viral on social media, and online users are giving their take on the funny camera footage.

One user wrote, “Him knowing what to ask in terms of cultural questions made my heart happy.” Another added, “An example of when the officers are familiar and appreciate the neighborhood they work in. They see the community as PEOPLE.”

“I’m loving the Energy of the Officer and the Homeowner!!!! Not to mention the concerned caller!! Everybody did the right thing here!! 

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