Woman Donates Kidney to Husband for Valentine's Day

Woman Donates Kidney to Husband for Valentine’s Day

From NewsOne

Melissa Degesso-Jones didn’t know she would have been a kidney match for her husband, James Jones, when she volunteered for his kidney transplant.

The couple who met only two years before on Valentine’s Day will be undergoing surgery just a few days before their anniversary.

The bravery and self sacrifice of Melissa will be a gift that keeps on giving for the couple.

“Giving as much love as I have,” she said. “It’s completely from my heart. James has said things to me about it being a huge sacrifice, and I said, ‘It’s not; it’s an investment. This is our life. It’s not just your life that I’m giving, too. There can’t be an “us” without it.’ So, that’s what it’s about.”

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