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Woman Arrested After Allegedly Killing Man For $60 To Buy Chicken Wings

26-year-old Kenyetta Hayes has been charged with First-Degree Murder in Perpetration of a Robbery after her alleged victim was discovered dead in Memphis

A man died after allegedly being robbed by a woman who took the money and used it to purchase chicken wings after the incident.

According to News Channel 3, 26-year-old Kenyetta Hayes was charged with “First-Degree Murder in Perpetration of a Robbery” after her alleged victim’s body was discovered at Cherokee Park in Memphis, Tennessee. She is also accused of stealing $60 from him and using the money to buy two wing combos.

The incident took place on April 6. Police officers arrived at the scene after being notified of a shooting and found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. The victim was pronounced dead on the scene. On April 7, Hayes’ mother turned her daughter in after the Memphis Police Department posted a video of Hayes leaving the scene of the crime on their Facebook page. She took her daughter to the homicide office and told police officers that Hayes was a person of interest.

In the video, she walks from the scene and then runs away.

Hayes reportedly told police officers that she was offered $60 to give the victim oral sex at a local gas station. She told them that she intended to rob him. When they got to the location, she allegedly shot him and took his money. She then left the scene. The suspect told officers that she was “thirsty for money.” She told them she took the cash and used $47 to buy two hot wing combos for herself and her boyfriend after the interaction.

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