Spirit Airlines Flight, Racial Slur, Woman

Woman Has Meltdown On Spirit Airlines Flight, Yells Racial Slur At Cops

A female passenger on Spirit Airlines had a meltdown, hurling racial slurs at police officers attempting to remove her from the aircraft.

Daily Mail reports an incident aboard a Spirit Airlines flight departing from Las Vegas that has garnered widespread attention after a female passenger suffered a meltdown, hurling racial slurs at law enforcement officers attempting to remove her from the aircraft. Captured in a viral video from March 23, the chaotic scene unfolded as the woman embarked on an explosive tirade, prompting nearby passengers to document the incident.


Last part before we all had to get off the plane so they could arrest her #fyp #spiritairlines #crazy

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Initially, the allegedly distressed passenger can be heard shouting demands for freedom as officers work to de-escalate the situation. Amid the chaos, she reportedly attempted to bite a fellow traveler, escalating tensions further.

In the footage, as officers inform her of her impending arrest, the passenger declares her prior experience with law enforcement. She directs profanity-laden insults at those around her, culminating in the shocking use of a racial slur directed at one of the officers.

Claiming mistreatment by law enforcement, she accuses the officer of inflicting harm while being restrained. Despite minimal physical contact, she repeatedly cries out in distress, invoking the phrase “I can’t breathe” multiple times.

Eventually, she looks at the passengers and begins to scream, “I’m not scared! I’ve been there before!”

The exact trigger for the meltdown remains unclear, but the disruption occurred before the flight had commenced. Passengers were forced to disembark to allow authorities to address the situation.

This isn’t the first time an incident with a passenger meltdown has happened on Spirit Airlines. Last year, a pregnant woman came to blows with a Spirit Airlines employee at the ATL airport.

Tensions escalated to a boiling point when Spirit Airlines employee Jasmine Rhoden informed 29-year-old pregnant passenger Que Maria Scott that she wouldn’t be allowed to board her flight due to aggressive behavior toward a gate agent. A heated altercation ensued, culminating in Scott tackling Rhoden to the floor, where punches were exchanged between the two women.

In a statement provided to the Atlanta Police Department, Rhoden detailed that Scott’s frustration stemmed from a flight delay. Rhoden informed authorities that the pregnant passenger “made a statement to other passengers around that she will beat a b—h up if she does not get on the plane,” as per the report.