The Women’s Global Leadership Initiative’s Global Advisory Board Talks Leadership and Empowering Women

The Women’s Global Leadership Initiative’s Global Advisory Board Talks Leadership and Empowering Women

(Image Credit: Women’s Global Leadership Initiative, Global Advisory Board)


On the heels of Women’s History Month, I was compelled to catch up with the members of my Women’s Global Leadership Initiative-Global Advisory Board (WGLI)  to discuss all things leadership and women’s empowerment. Diana Ruiz, president and founder of the organization, is an international business phenomena, who works passionately to bridge the socioeconomic, cultural, and leadership gap for women across industries and around the world. As the organization’s president, she is keenly focused on ways to advance the organizational mission: Unlocking the leadership potential of women, who want to make an impact in their communities and around the globe.

Below are some of the key takeaways from the discussion:


What’s the one piece of advice you would give to women to empower them to achieve greater success?


“As women, we are more brilliant and capable of achieving our wildest dreams than we realize. If we embraced this reality and acted on it, we could do far more than just ‘lean in’–we could create a seismic shift in the universe.”

– Karima Mariama-Arthur, founder and CEO, WordSmithRapport
Washington, D.C.


“Recognize that you are born with the capacity to be [anything you want] in the world and not dependent on the circumstance in which you find yourself; find something you love doing and make it your career. Most importantly, always be true to yourself.”

– Charlene Laidley, Founder of The FutureProof Foundation
London, United Kingdom


“Believe in what you want to be. If you wish to fly, you have to believe you have wings. Additionally, by striving to confer benefits to others, and not merely to yourself, you will experience greater success, faster. Indeed you will fly and arrive anywhere you desire to be.”

– Amal Daraghmeh Masri, CE Ougarit Group and CEO/editor-in-chief, Middle East Business Magazine & News,  Ramallah, Palestine


What does leadership mean to you?


“At Resonate, we believe that leadership isn’t defined by a role or a title–rather, it is a way of being. True leaders are those who are proactive in the face of a challenge and take every opportunity to initiate positive change.

– Ayla Schlosser, CEO and co-founder, Resonate,
Kigali, Rwanda


“In part, leadership reflects the unmatched ability to stay on track, no matter the distractions. Leaders know that distractions will arise. What sets them apart, however, is their ability to skillfully navigate them.”

– Dr. Pam Sitienei, CEO and founder of The African Energy Association, COO of ONAPS Holdings, Ltd.,
Washington, D.C.; Abuja, Nigeria; Nairobi, Kenya; /Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo


“Leadership is a journey inward. Leadership for a changing world embraces connectivity across differences.”

– Patricia Green, CEO, The Patricia Green Group,
Washington, D.C.


When it comes to advancing the global agenda for women, WGLI understands that teamwork makes the dream work. We invite you to join us in executing this important work. Our commitment to strategic collaboration and ushering in a new leadership era, with dynamic opportunities for growth and advancement for women around the globe, is what drives every effort.

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