Working From Home Sucks

Working From Home Sucks

Contrary to popular belief, I think working from home sucks. Whether it’s for a day or for a year, I actually prefer to travel and work in an office every single day. Why? Well, I worked remotely for three years before I started here at Black Enterprise, and I hated it. Sure, it had its perks. For one, I was never sleep deprived and I rarely got sick. I also had the flexibility to juggle multiple independent projects and manage a side hustle. Still, despite these advantages, I prefer to commute to work. Here’s why.


I’m a People Person


By nature, I’m an extrovert who thrives off the energy of others. I feel the most alive when I’m surrounded by people. Hence, some of my favorite pastimes include meeting new people, participating in protest rallies, and attending social gatherings.

When I worked remotely, I often felt isolated and secluded. However, now I look forward to interacting with my colleagues at work. Even though technology has given us the ability to stay in constant communication, nothing beats human interaction where we can all share in a moment of side-eye or laughter. This gives me a sense of connectivity and camaraderie, which is important to me.

On top of that, I happen to really like the staff at BE, which is dominated by women of color and a large pocket of millennials. So, why wouldn’t I want to work in an office full of #BlackGirlMagic?


It’s Not Motivating


Working in your pajamas or on the sofa all day may feel comfortable, but it can actually hurt your ability to be productive. In turn, you may feel so comfortable that it becomes hard to get into work mode. Plus, working on your couch or bed can make it too tempting to take a nap, watch TV, or use social media. Working in an office, on the other hand, eliminates these temptations.


You Work More at Home


Since you don’t have to clock in and out, many people actually end up overworking. Studies show that those who work remotely log more hours than those who report to an office. Take it from me, it’s really easy to lose track of time when working remotely. There were plenty of days when I signed onto my laptop at 9 a.m. and then stayed glued to my desk up until bedtime.


It’s Distracting


When I worked from home, many of my family and friends negated the fact that I was actually working and would call, text, and ask me for favors during my work hours. Working from home also makes it easy to engage in other distractions such as cleaning, playing with a pet, or, my personal favorite, binge-watching YouTube.


My Home is my Sanctuary


Now that I work outside of my home, I treat it as a space for rest, reading, and relaxation. Personally, I rather get my work done while I’m actually at work, and then come home to a peaceful atmosphere and recuperate.




Selena Hill is the Associate Digital Editor at Black Enterprise and the founder of Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio. You can hear Hill and her team talk millennial politics and social issues every Sunday at 11 a.m. ET.

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