Workplace Wellness: You Are The Most Valuable Asset of Your Business - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise magazine Fall 2019 issue

Foggy mind in the morning. Mindless consumption of caffeinated beverages. Racing heart rates. A general feeling of being overwhelmed and feeling fatigued. These are all symptomatic of burnout that occurs in the workplace. Whether you are a C-suite executive or an entrepreneur fighting to get your business off the ground—workplace wellness and health mindfulness are vital to keeping a business thriving.

As a CEO or founder, deterioration of health can negatively impact how you run your business day-to-day; and may even run it into ruin. As the founder and CEO of your business, your company is dependent on you. The stress of being an entrepreneur requires endurance, strength, and energy. In this video from Black Enterprise‘s entrepreneur health and wellness series, “The Entrepreneurs’ Edge for Business Success,” here are important self-care health tips that all entrepreneurs, executives, and employees should follow.

[Watch] Workplace Wellness Tips for Executives and Entrepreneurs