Write a Memorable Essay and Get into the School of Your Dreams

Are you applying to graduate school or college but need help with your essay? Shawna-Kaye Lester, a writing coach and former college access counselor, is available to help you. The writing whiz behind Memorable Essay, Lester works remotely with students from any location to craft application essays and personal statements that earn admissions to top colleges, as well as scholarships.

Why hire Lester instead of applying on your own?

“You’d hire me as a writing coach because you’re struggling to put together a memorable essay,” Lester wrote in an e-mail interview. “You’re spending hours procrastinating, worrying about what to write, and rewriting your essays but not progressing. You want to stop struggling and start marketing yourself through your application essay.”

Turning Up the Volume

I asked Lester if the result of being coached would make an essay sound processed. Would coaching strip the writing of its unique flavor? Would it still reflect the writer’s individuality?

Lester says no, and yes. “Applicants write their own essays, and no two applicants have the same life experiences, writing styles, or reasons for pursuing higher education.”

In addition, she makes applicants aware of what makes writing memorable–”clarity, authenticity, relevance, and specificity, to name a few elements”–but she also stresses that there is no one formula for crafting a memorable essay.

Lester says she helps her clients “turn up the volume on their writing voice,” and she is committed to never trying to change that voice.

Ambitious Students Need Apply

We hear so much about grades and standardized test scores that some may think that having them is the ticket to college admissions. But unlike how college admissions are done in other countries, in the U.S. the college admissions essay is important. A lackluster essay can work against your chances of admission, even if you have strong scores.

But Lester doesn’t limit herself to working with just A students. She works with students at all levels of academic achievement. “I only care that a student is ambitious for themselves and others. I respect every applicant and give each one my best effort,” Lester says.

She believes students can stand out not because they’ve lived a fascinating life, but “by making their reader think about a mundane occurrence in a new way.”

To learn more about the copyediting, editing, and writing coaching services Lester provides, visit Memorable Essay at www.memorableessay.com.