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Serena Williams Pops Up At West Palm Beach Ulta Store To Launch WYN Beauty Line

WYN Beauty features 91 shades across 10 distinct makeup products including skin tints, concealers, blushes and more.

Tennis icon Serena Williams recently made a special appearance at an Ulta Beauty store in her Palm Beach Gardens neighborhood to unveil her highly anticipated makeup line, WYN Beauty, by Serena Williams.

During her visit, she engaged with customers, offering personalized guidance on selecting the perfect products from her extensive collection, which includes concealers, lip serums, lipsticks, blushes, eyeliners, brow products, and mascaras. According to The Palm Beach Post, the products, covered in neon green packaging to emulate a tennis ball, include a skin tint in 36 different shades with varying undertones, including warm, cool, peach, olive, and neutral options. This inclusive approach stems from Williams’ own struggles with finding makeup that complemented her complexion while traveling and working with makeup artists unfamiliar with Black women’s beauty needs.

In an April 4 press statement, Williams emphasized her desire to create clean, high-performing, and skin-loving makeup that moves with the wearer throughout their day. “I needed makeup that could truly move with me. That’s the intention behind WYN BEAUTY –- for people to live in it every single day of their lives and enhance the beauty they already have.”

With 91 shades across 10 distinct products, WYN Beauty aims to cater to a wide range of skin tones and preferences. Williams shared her vision, saying, “Throughout my career, I was always searching for makeup that looked good after hours on the court, mixing products myself and creating my own formulas while traveling the world…As I evolved…I needed products I could apply…and still look good at the end of the day.”

Williams’ WYN Beauty line was born from a groundbreaking partnership with the Good Glamm Group, an innovative tech-driven conglomerate renowned for disrupting global beauty and personal care markets. In a deeply personal touch, each product and shade carries an empowering name that doubles as an affirmation – such as “Brave,” “Momentum,” “Shine,” “Discover,” “Push,” “Build,” and “Move” – mirroring the motivational mantras Williams would jot down in her “matchbooks” before taking the court.

WYN Beauty has secured a coveted presence in select Ulta Beauty retail locations, bringing Williams’ vision of inclusive, high-performance makeup to a wider audience.

In addition to Saturday’s product launch in Florida, Williams engaged with beauty influencers and offered advice to young girls in sports.