POLL: Is Traditional Business Attire Becoming Obsolete?

POLL: Is Traditional Business Attire Becoming Obsolete?

In the business world, your appearance can tell a thousand stories, even before one word is spoken. From the job seeker to the CEO, the personal branding process begins every day with that very important question: What do I wear to the office today?

Many experts agree that appropriate attire can vary depending on the culture of an industry, however, when it comes to that first interview or impression, skewing more conservative is often advised. In many offices, a tailored suit that’s not too tight or ill-fitting, with a modest oxford or pump usually does the trick, whether it’s getting the dream job or closing a deal with a new client.

VH1 recently highlighted the “business chic” of Love & Hip Hop star and young entrepreneur Yandy Smith, where she talks about a favorite head-to-toe look: a form-fitting, printed Alexander McQueen dress and metallic gold, open-toe booties. In the entertainment industry, this screams fashionable and on-trend, but what about for the typical entry-level candidate or worker in other industries?



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TELL US WHAT YOU THINK: In today’s business landscape, has traditional business attire — the suit (and tie) with a modest shoe — become obsolete?