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Former Employee Settles Wrongful Termination Suit Against Yeezy

Maya Stewart accused Yeezy Gap of wrongful termination after she complained about conditions at work, including having to work between 50 to 80 hours weekly with no overtime pay.

One less thing for Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, to worry about! According to Radar Online, the lawsuit filed against the eclectic fashion designer that accused his company, Yeezy, of wrongful termination has been settled.

The suit from former employee Maya Stewart was filed last year after she claimed she was terminated from her position after complaining about work conditions. The Gap was also named in the lawsuit.

Court documents obtained by Radar Online revealed Stewart and her former employers went into mediation on Jan. 19. The parties reached an agreement suggested by the mediator “and are now in the process of finalizing and circulating a long-form settlement agreement for signature.” With the deal reportedly set, Stewart said she was prepared to file a motion to dismiss the suit soon.

Stewart was hired in January 2021 as an accessories developer. In her lawsuit, she claimed that she worked between 50 and 80 hours per week but never received overtime pay. She also said the company violated meal and rest break violations in spring 2021.

After bringing those concerns to various executives, Stewart also said that her pay was reduced from $60 per hour to $50 per hour, and that during her last week at the company she had to work 21 hours a day.

In Stewart’s lawsuit, she asked for unspecified damages for the humiliation, shame, despair, embarrassment, depression, mental pain, and anguish she suffered because of the firing. In response, The Gap denied all allegations of wrongdoing and asked that Yeezy be solely responsible for any judgment that may be awarded to Stewart. However, Ye’s company stated that all actions taken against Stewart were “justified” and asked that her claims be dismissed.

“Defendants did not authorize, direct, or ratify any alleged wrongful conduct,” a Yeezy attorney stated. “[Stewart’s] claims are barred for the reason that the alleged conduct of Defendants was at all times undertaken in the good-faith exercise of a legitimate business purpose.”

Yeezy also requested that Stewart cover its legal fees.

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