Young Bosses: 5 Steps to Success in Business at an Early Age

  • (Images: Thinkstock)
  • For every success story in business there’s a humble beginning. Whether it’s that first client, first big project, or the first $10,000 made, one can’t take for granted that in order to achieve and succeed, one must first put one foot in front of the other and start the journey. As part of our weeklong Young Bosses series, we highlight two young bosses on the come-up: 26-year-old Thallen Brassel, CEO of Cum Laude Counseling, a New York-based academic and career counseling firm, and Anky Cyriaque, 32, co-founder and CEO of Hidden Films Studios.
  • Brassel took her college admissions success–having been accepted at more than 10 universities, including Yale University and the University of Pennsylvania–and her experience as a Wall Street lawyer to start her New York-based academic and career counseling firm. Similarly, Cyriaque’s love for film and experience in music video production led him and his partner, Tristan G. Cyriaque, to start their multimedia company in 2008.
  • spoke with Brassel and Cyriaque about their challenges, their triumphs and tips for how you can get started on the path to bossdom.