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Young Girl Yells At NYPD Confronting Mother For Allegedly Stealing

The little girl went viral for her behavior toward the police as they interrogated her mother.

A young girl in New York was seen yelling at the NYPD as they confronted her mother for allegedly stealing. Multiple videos went viral of the child going off angrily on the police.

The Shade Room posted the footage on May 28, as the child attempted to defend her mother from the police’s interrogation on the street. Standing a few feet away from the scene, the girl yelled at the officers, who continued to question the woman.

“Leave my mother alone before it be a mother f-ing problem,” screamed the girl.

Her mother, dressed in a grey bodycon dress, had her purse and a Zara shopping bag on the floor while denying claims she stole a pair of sunglasses from luxury fashion brand Moncler.

“What glasses did I steal from Moncler,” the mother repeatedly asked the police.

However, amid the interrogation, the child caught on to a bystander recording the ordeal, ordering the individual to stop.

“You should not be recording her without her permission,” expressed the girl.

She continued, “My aunt stole glasses; it wasn’t her. Do she have a f**king white T-shirt on? NO! NO. On my soul, leave my mother alone. On my dead father, she don’t have nothing.”

Two other videos, shared on TikTok, further highlighted the child’s responses to the NYPD. The distressed child began lamenting about the situation, stating she was going to “punch somebody in the face” if her mother got arrested. Her mother, who referred to her daughter as “Juju,” told her to “calm down” as the issue escalated.

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The young girl remained unafraid of the police, standing up to the officers. The NYPD proceeded with detaining the woman, resulting in the child tearfully telling her mother she loved her at the scene.


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Despite the child’s feistiness, commenters expressed sorrow for her enduring the traumatic event. The woman continued denying that she stole anything despite the arrest. It is unclear thus far if the mother remains in jail.