Young Men and Boys of Color Can Now Receive Free Remote STEM Content and Literacy Support

Millions of students are out of school, but class is still in session. And as students log on to online portals, a number of educational leaders are doing their part to ensure that black boys do not get left behind.

The Sims-Fayola Foundation recently announced that they are partnering with FYR is LIT (Fueling Youth Reading is Leaders in Training) to provide online tutoring services for young men anywhere in the country whose literacy development has been impacted by school closures or e-learning due to COVID-19.

The Sims-Fayola Foundation is a Denver-based nonprofit with a mission to improve the life outcomes of young men and boys of color and to increase the capacity of those who work with them. Through this online offering, young men will be encouraged to continue their learning and be introduced to STEM.

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As outlined by the organization in a statement:

Individual tutoring sessions led by LIT Tutors will be tailored to the students’ literacy and reading needs based on their intake assessment conducted by master teacher, Dr. Leslie Hamdorf, and Orton Gillingham, an associate candidate.

Tutoring sessions last for 40 minutes and will use the Zoom software to connect the LIT Tutor and the student. The Orton Gillingham approach is both diagnostic and prescriptive, so the format of the session will be as follows: letter annunciation and phoneme awareness, spelling rules, writing practice, and read aloud.

Tutoring Step-by-Step Sign-Up Process:

  • Step 1: Submit an inquiry by emailing us using the button below.
  • Step 2: Virtual intake assessment conducted by Dr. Hamdorf. This assessment lasts between 25-45 minutes.
  • Step 3: Match student with a LIT Tutor and agreement for the number of sessions decided.
  • Step 4: Begin online tutoring sessions with LIT Tutor.

If you are interested in literacy tutoring for a young man you know, click here to submit an email request to the Sims-Fayola Foundation.